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Flow Simulation with Solid Particles

Separation of solid particles from a gas stream using cyclone device - from 3-D CAD model to a finished flow and particle simulation:

The following images offer different views of the CAD model and of the computational grid (the volume mesh consists of about 2.6 million tetrahedral and prismatic elements). Further images show the flow solution (velocity vectors) on a plane across the cyclone. The last picture depicts the aggregation of the particles (sand) in the bottom part of the cyclone and in the collector. None of the particles leaves the cyclone through the exit pipe at the upper end.

cyclone CAD model

cyclone grid 1    cyclone grid 2    cyclone grid 3    cyclone grid 4

cyclone flow 1    cyclone flow 2

cyclone particles

If you can imagine or actually plan to carry out a similar flow / particle simulation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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