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We offer the following services:

software development

Since we have access to professional CAD software (Rhino3D®), we are capable of creating even complex 3-D models from sketches or engineering drawings, if the need arises. We use our own software tools for the simulations (some of them we made commercially available). This gives us the unique possibility to quickly incorporate any changes, for example if special boundary conditions become necessary for a simulation. Such flexibility is not offered by any 3rd-party commercial software. Due to our experience in various fields of fluid mechanics, we can offer you to optimize your configuration according to your objectives. Examples demonstrating our flow simulation capabilities are presented further below.

Speaking of software - we usually program in C/C++ and in C#, but we are proficient in Fortran 90/95 just as well. We are further open for software development outside the CFD core area - where ever we could apply our special knowledge, experience and the tools we have to your advantage.

Besides code development, mathematical and physical analysis, we also offer translation services for technical and scientific texts related to CFD / FEM in the languages English, German and Czech.

If you are interested in any of the above offers, or if you are confronted with another similar problem, please feel free to contact us to see if we could help. We work conscientiously, cost-efficiently and fast.

Examples of our Flow Simulation Capabilities

Comparison of ventilation concepts of a production hall with the help of flow and particle simulation:

hall ventilation

Multi-physics simulation of a test cyclone device for separating gas and solid particles:


Ventilation of an office being heated through the window and a wall while accounting for natural convection - from CAD model to a finished flow simulation:


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