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Simulation of Room Ventilation

Ventilation of an office being heated through the window and a wall - from 3-D CAD model to a finished flow simulation accounting for natural convection:

The following images offer different views of the CAD model and of the computational grid (the volume mesh consists of about 9.8 million elements). Further images show the flow solution (temperature distribution and velocity vectors) after given time on various planes across the office:

office CAD 1    office CAD 2    office CAD 3

office grid 1    office grid 2    office grid 3    office grid 4

office flow 1    office flow 2    office flow 3

For comparison purposes, the following images present the computational grid and the flow solution for a simplified model of the above office without tables, chairs and computer screens:

office grid 1    office grid 2    office grid 3

office flow 1    office flow 2

The large difference between the temperature distributions with and without most of the furniture is obvious. This demonstrates the necessity of accurate modeling of all geometrical objects within the flow domain. Naturally, this requires a quite capable meshing and flow simulation software.

If you can imagine or actually plan to carry out a similarly complex flow simulation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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