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Titan SRB This software package allows you to efficiently simulate three-dimensional flows on multiblock, structured grids. It consists of a general purpose flow solver for the solution of the Euler or the Navier-Stokes equations on stationary, as well as on moving / deforming grids. Further included are tools for pre-processing of the grids, generation of the initial solution and for post-processing. The resulting plot files can be visualized by the wide-spread commercial tool Tecplot.

Main features:

Description of the numerical methods used and the capabilities of an earlier version of Snas3D can be found in this conference paper.


Executables of the flow solver and tools, examples of input files and user's manual for GNU/Linux and Windows platforms (all 64-bit, single processor). The programs are completely free for non-commercial use and for evaluation purposes. Other uses require the purchase of a license, possible options are described further below. If you happen to find any problem with the software, please let us know. And if you are interested to learn more about the numerical methods built into the flow solver, you might consider buying the CFD book.

Example flow cases (grids, input files):


For commercial purposes or for more extended uses of the software, we offer the following purchase options:

Please, feel free to ask us for a quote regarding any of the above options.

Example 1: Circular Cylinder

The video shows streamlines generated by an unsteady, separated, laminar flow past a circular cylinder at Reynolds number 1000:

... and the picture velocity vectors at some instant in time:

cylinder - vectors

Example 2: ONERA M6 Wing

The following pictures present the results computed by Snas3D for the ONERA M6 test case. It constitutes transonic, turbulent flow past a 30° swept wing at Mach 0.8395, angle of attack 3.06° and Reynolds number of 11.72 million:

ONERA M6 wing - grid 1 ONERA M6 wing - grid 2 ONERA M6 wing - convergence ONERA M6 wing - isolines ONERA M6 wing - cp 1 ONERA M6 wing - cp 2 ONERA M6 wing - cp 3 ONERA M6 wing - cp 4 ONERA M6 wing - cp 5 ONERA M6 wing - cp 6 ONERA M6 wing - cp 7

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